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Jason McDuffee
Commercial FCC GROL
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer
Amarillo, Texas

Private Pilot Live Online Ground School Webinar

The Private Pilot Ground School online live Webinar class is taught when I have at least 5 students to make a class.  I can teach any chapter independently of the others.  Please Email me at if you are interested.  I need at least 5 people to make a new class work and each class will have 15 spots open.  The class cost $200.  The class will be following the Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual.  You can order the Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual on this website lower on this page.  

To buy recorded copies of the entire ground school class for $200 just call Cutting Edge Aviation at 806-670-4535 with a credit card or click on the Paypal link below.  I will mail you the Disk that includes 14 sessions of 1.5 hours each.


You can buy copies of the PowerPoints from me if you would like for $100 just call Cutting Edge Aviation at 806-670-4535 with a credit card or click on the PayPal link below and I will send it to you.  I also have other training materials on ebay under the seller name of "ii32703".

If you want a class set up for just a certain subject or chapter that you are having trouble with then let me know and we will make that happen even if it is just a one on one session.  I can also give you a live practice FAA Knowledge test and we can work through together the questions that you are missing to greatly improve your score.
Instructors fee is $45 per hour.



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